Pimprov & Fundraising


  • 10+ years of making people laugh.
  • 6+ years of doing a show every Friday night 10:30pm with a ticket price of still only $15 at C.I.C.
  • Fans fans and more fans.  We often like their pictures better than ours.  Post your own or check these out.
  • Pimprov takes up donations for various battered womens shelters.  Pimprov has donated thousands of dollars in support of charities that have a mission to help prevent or stop domestic violence against anyone. – http://www.sarahsinn.org/en/
  • Multiple cities toured and yours can be next click  BOOK PIMPROV to have us at your festival or private event.
  • You can go directly to www1.networkforgood.org/ and donate to some of the charities that we support.
  • Help us to make people stronger through the arts – http://www.artfulimpact.org/

http://keeponkeepingon.org/  – Tim & Mike are making the world a better place one wheelchair at a time.

Make the world a better place.  “Like” us on Facebook.


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